EMV or NO EMV  We have you covered!

In the case of a Chargeback, Merchants have a little to no protection, Until NOW!

Merchants now have Protection against Fraudulent Transactions,

EMV Liability Shift, Fallback, and even Chargeback Fees!

Chargeback Rescue provides merchants with an EDGE – to win in the Chargeback Game!

Merchants are protected against losses! Chargeback Rescue is back by

Insurance and does not require a lot of work to process a claim to get paid




  • Reason Code 57 – Fraudulent multiple transactions
  • Reason Code 62 – Counterfeit Transaction

  • Reason Code – 75 – Transaction not recognized

  • Reason code 77 – Non-matching account number

  • Reason code 81 – Fraud (card present)

  • Reason Code Chip Liability Shift

  • Reason Code 4847 – Requested/required authorization not obtained

  • Reason Code 4862 – Fraudulent Transaction – Mag-Stripe POS Fraud

  • Reason Code 4863 = Cardholder does not recognize – potential fraud

  • Reason Code 4870 Counterfeit transaction – Chip Liability Shift

  • Reason Code 4871 – Chip/pin liability Shift

  • Reason Code 546 – Unauthorized purchase

  • Reason Code 554 – Non Receipt of merchandise/ Cash at ATM

  • Reason Code A02 – – non matching account number

  • Reason Code F10 – Missing Imprint

  • Reason Code F14 – Missing Signature

  • Reason Code F24 – No Card Member Authorization

  • Reason Code F30 EMV – Counterfeit

  • Reason Code F31 – EMV – Lost – Stolen – Non Received

  • Reason Code AA – Does not recognize

  • Reason Code UA01 – Fraud – Card Present Transaction

  • Reason Code UA06 – Fraud – Chip and Pin Transaction

  • Reason Code UA06 – Fraud – Chip and Pin Transaction

  • ATM

  • Reason Code REG E – Chargebacks EMV Liability Shift

How much do we cover?


How do you file a claim?

 If you are a merchant with benefits available under this program you go to our website and upload the chargeback and a copy of the receipt and you are reimbursed.

How much does it cost?

 Bronze Program up to $250.00 – $49.99 per month

 Gold Program up to $1000.00 – $99.00 per month

What information do you need to sign me up?

Corporate Name

Business Name

Address, City, State, zip

Phone Number


Merchant Number

Processor – We work with all processors  

What else do you get when you enroll in Chargeback Rescue? 

We have put together the industry’s most fully comprehensive Merchant Data Security Program. Unlike other basic breach programs, coverage is not limited to only response costs but our Program protects against other liabilities as well.

Additional Benefits

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