We Offer Solutions for All Type of Merchants


Make sure you are always processing using the EMV Chip Card & using proper policy on your receipts


We offer additional Fraud Solutions based on your business type, and we review your policies & procedures


We work with you to establish best practices to minimize chargebacks in your club and assist with mitigation


Merchants who sell physical goods, services, digital downloads, virtual services, streaming and more!

Receive Your Chargebacks By EmaiL, FAX, or Through a Dashboard

Chargebacks can all be uploaded in most cases
* based on the processor

When you get a chargeback making sure that you send in the right information is important, addressing the cardholders concerns is of the utmost importance.

Also when you become a client of NPSBANK we make sure if you need any special policies on your receipts to help curb chargebacks.

Some examples of that are putting notices in the footer, all sales are final, exchange or credit within 7 days of purchase, if you have special sales we suggest using a stamp and pulling the paper out of the machine so the stamp is under the signature and stamping the store copy as well.

What happens when you get a Chargeback?

Send us your chargeback letter and all the documents, along with the letter you want to send.

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